April 2012|Bruno Versailles|Country Learning Notes,

This note discusses sector strategies in Rwanda.


  • The most important ingredient for developing good sector strategies was leadership demand from within the sector ministry (and occasionally from donors). Help from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN) in developing sector strategies was not seen as decisive in the success of the strategies.
  • By early 2011 most sectors had developed a good strategic plan, though this has been uneven across sectors.
  • The separation of the planning and budgeting functions within both MINECOFIN and other ministries has created difficulties for the development of sector strategies.
  • The Sector Wide Approach can be useful in well-defined sectors with strong leadership from the government (e.g. education).  In more ‘complicated’ sectors, a less heavy approach may be preferable.
  • Problems with the coordination of aid are felt most keenly in sectors where project support dominates. Progress in solving coordination issues has been made when donors have moved to sector budget support and pooled funding (especially in education and health).



The Country Learning Notes series is intended as a tool for policy makers and practitioners to learn from the experiences of other countries. Each note focuses on a specific country and a particular policy area, documenting the challenges faced and decisions taken to overcome them.

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