April 2012|Bruno Versailles|Country Learning Notes,


  • Each year performance contracts are signed between the president of Rwanda and local government institutions and line ministries. These bind respective institutions to targets they set for themselves.
  • Performance contracts are measured against an agreed set of governance, economic and social indicators known as performance indicators. Performance indicators provide a clear framework to establish domestic accountability at a level directly relevant to citizens.
  • Senior policy makers and citizens both closely follow the performance of government institutions which are hotly debated at bi-annual evaluation meetings chaired by the President.
  • Local authorities are held accountable to their targets, and civil servants can be fired for below-average performance.
  • The performance contract process is still in its infancy. Problems include the monitoring of agreed indicators and the setting of unrealistic targets. Ensuring the contracts are properly inserted into Rwanda’s wider planning and budgeting processes also remains a challenge.



The Country Learning Notes series is intended as a tool for policy makers and practitioners to learn from the experiences of other countries. Each note focuses on a specific country and a particular policy area, documenting the challenges faced and decisions taken to overcome them.

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