November 2016|admin|Research reports,Working papers,

What do we mean by ‘equitable, climate-resilient economic growth’ in semi-arid lands (SALs)? Are fast growth, fair growth and resilient growth compatible objectives, or are trade-offs between them inevitable? This working paper sets out the rationale for PRISE’s focus on pathways for investment and development that have the potential to unlock rapid economic growth, reduce poverty and build climate resilience in semi-arid regions.

The paper explains the aims of PRISE research, and situates the challenges of achieving fast, fair and resilient economic growth in terms of the development economics and growth literature. It is aimed at researchers and practitioners in climate change adaptation and resilience who have an interest in the broader economic development and poverty reduction contexts of their work.


Image: Cotton manufacturing in Faisalabad, Pakistan, Rajeshree Sisodia/PRISE

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