Public finance matters for development. For many countries, weak management of their public finances represents a major constraint on their ability to turn policy ambitions into real-life outcomes. If countries can’t raise money fairly, execute credible spending plans and account for use of taxpayer funds, they will struggle to deliver the economic, social and political change their citizens expect.

ODI’s Budget Strengthening Initiative supports fragile and transitional states in building more effective, transparent and accountable budget systems and thus more accountable and inclusive institutions. We provide strategic policy advice, technical assistance on implementation and tailored research to governments of fragile states and facilitate peer-learning and South-South knowledge exchange. Our services are tailored to the local context and our experts are often embedded within government ministries.

Our priority countries have been South Sudan, Liberia, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and more recently Sierra Leone; support has also targeted the g7+ group and its Secretariat, while a more limited intervention in Somaliland and Puntland took place in 2015-16.