Project Description

BSI Sierra Leone’s programme has been running since November 2015 after receiving core funding from Sida. BSI Sierra Leone has been providing inputs into three areas (in order of importance): (i) support to fiscal management through a better prepared weekly Cash Management Committee (CMC); (ii) support to the emerging public sector investment management process; (iii) support to reform of the Sierra Leone Integrated Macroeconomic Model (SLIMM). The programme has also had engagement with the finance ministry on the issue of finance ministry ‘capability’. In September 2016, BSI Sierra Leone was given a major vote of confidence by the Sierra Leone government by directly funding the programme to be able to continue its work.

Key highlights include:

  • In August 2016, BSI Sierra Leone, at the request of the Financial Secretary, disseminated the findings of its 2014 research into the capabilities of the Sierra Leone finance ministry at a well-attended event in Freetown and facilitated a follow-up workshop the next day for senior finance ministry staff to discuss its implications.
  • In September 2016, ODI received $120,000 in funding direct from the Government of Sierra Leone to continue its inputs until the end of the calendar year. This direct support from the Government of Sierra Leone is in support of work on cash management and work on improving the capability of the Ministry of Finance.