Project Description

BSI’s Liberia programme started in November 2010, with the main focus of the BSI TA work being on supporting the development of an effective budgeting process. Since then, the main focus of BSI support has been on further strengthening (i) the National Budget process by establishing a more coherent link between strategic planning and budgeting; (ii) effectiveness and sustainability of the tax policy function in the Revenue and Tax Policy Division (RTPD) of the MFDP; (iii) the Government of Liberia’s (GoL’s) ability to negotiate natural resource and infrastructure concessions; and (iv) tax administration capacity of the LRA in the natural resource sector through technical support and capacity building of the Natural Resource Tax Unit (NRTU).

In the area of strengthening budget processes and systems, BSI’s objective is to help the DBDP establish a more coherent link between strategic planning and budgeting. This support is intended to contribute to strengthening policy decision-making and improving budget credibility and transparency, and to improving the government’s use of domestic and aid resources.

An increasing area of work for BSI in Liberia since 2014 has been in revenue, where BSI advisors, amongst other things, have been providing extensive training and advice in the area of tax policy, principles of natural resource taxation, tax expenditure, concessions regime/negotiations and modelling, and international taxation; as well as guidance on the Liberia Revenue Code review strategy, improving tax compliance in the natural resource sector, and supporting economic and fiscal aspects of concessions negotiations.