Project Description

The g7+ is a group of 20 fragile and conflict-affected states that have joined forces to share experiences and lobby the international community to engage more effectively in fragile and transitional countries and regions. The group is currently chaired by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development of Sierra Leone, Mr Momodu Kargbo.

BSI began working with the g7+ and its Secretariat, based in Dili, in April 2011, providing key strategic support and advice, including background research. Most notably, BSI successfully assisted the group in promoting and lobbying for the development and adoption of the New Deal for Fragile States in November 2011.

Over time, BSI’s support to the g7+ has evolved, as the g7+ Secretariat has grown in capacity and as the work of the group has expanded. While in earlier years, BSI’s activities included assistance with logistics, event preparation and management and translation services, the g7+ has become increasingly adept in these areas and no longer requires external assistance. As a result, our support has shifted to focus on substantive policy and research.

In 2016-17, BSI’s key interventions have included:

  • Background research to inform policy positions and g7+ discussions. This has involved research to inform the g7+ participation in IDA 18 allocation rounds, which resulted in historic increases in aid for fragile states. It also includes annual support to the g7+ in the preparation for the Spring and Annual Meetings of the World Bank, most notably for the meetings with the World Bank President
  • Publication of research pieces in collaboration with the g7+. This has included publications on Natural Resources in g7+ countries (2014), a Fragility Spectrum Note setting out guidance for conducting fragility assessments (2015) and an oral history of the g7+: ‘Strength in Fragility’ (2016) to ensure they have a voice in telling their story of the group’s emergence.
  • Support at Technical and Ministerial Meetings. This has included researching and drafting background papers and Power Point Presentations to ensure that discussions are informed by the latest relevant research, as well as drafting speeches for g7+ Ministers and Secretariat staff.
  • Gap-filling and capacity support for g7+ Secretariat staff. This has included secondments of ODI staff to the g7+ Secretariat to provide more sustained support to fill specific capacity gaps they identify. Secondments are also offered to g7+ Secretariat staff to come to ODI for short periods of time to provide them with experience in areas of research, communications and administration. ODI support has also involved assisting the Secretariat to develop plans for staffing needs and ongoing professional development.