Project Description

The BSI DRC country programme began in 2010, providing support to the Inter-Ministerial committee that oversees and coordinates the implementation of the country’s PFM reforms (Comite d’orientation de la reforme des finances publiques – COREF). Until 2015, the assistance focused on the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Public Finance Reforms (PSRFP), through short term missions of peripatetic advisors and interventions of a resident advisor. The key areas of support were: strategic management of the implementation of the PSRFP; improved budget monitoring at sector level, including through a pilot in the basic education sector; and planning and strategic management of the implementation of public finance reforms in the provinces. The BSI team also supported COREF in the preparation of laws and regulations related to the legal and institutional framework of public finance management reforms.

In 2015-16, the AfDB’s Fragile States Facility provided funding for the first year of an intervention aimed at strengthening the capacity of COREF’s national technical assistants in analysing the PFM reform files, assisting the Committee’s Coordinator and their deputy in the strategic and operational steering of public finance reforms in the DRC, as well as transferring skills to the COREF experts.

Key highlights include:

  • The creation of an explicit framework based on the “Organizational Maturity Model” to identify and align BSI activities in support of strengthening COREF’s institutional capacity in delivering its mandate in addition to increasing the organisational and technical capacity of COREF’s personnel.
  • The provision of strong analytical and cross-country experience support in Public Financial Management reforms implementation in each of the six reform areas, with a view to gradually relying more on “coaching” instead of “doing”.
  • The successful introduction of key tools and techniques aimed at assisting the COREF Coordinator and Technical Assistants in implementing more efficient work and time management.
  • The preparation of a first-generation computerised system for planning and monitoring PFM reforms implementation.