Project Description

BSI has an advisory board composed of people with practical and operational experience of budget/financial systems and processes in developing countries. It advises ODI’s senior management on how to ensure that BSI is results-focused, cost-effective, independent and demand-driven.

After BSI became part of the newly set up Public Finance Institutions programme in 2016, it was decided that the Advisory Board would widen its mandate to include more PFM research and to discuss wider work and strategy. One  PFI wide meeting would take place in November, whereas progress in the implementation of the BSI country programmes and the g7+ support would be discussed in separate meetings in May.

The PFI advisory board will have responsibility for providing advice and guidance on the overall strategic direction of the work of the Public Finance and Institutions programme, reflecting on the research and advisory activities of the programme and helping to shape the focus of the programme’s future agenda.

The advisory board is chaired by Ed Hedger, Managing Director at ODI. Its members include representatives from international financial institutions, academia, NGOs and the private sector; representatives from developing countries receiving advisory support from PFI and funding donors that have a strong interest and involvement in supporting PFM. The PFI Head of Programme is also a member.