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Randomized control trials (rcts): interesting, but a marginal tool for governments

March 2014|admin|

Randomized control trials (RCTs) have had a great decade. The stunning line-up of speakers who celebrated J-PAL’s tenth anniversary in Boston last December gives some indication of just how great. They are the shiny new tool of development policy, and a lot of them are pretty cool. Browsing through J-PAL’s library of projects, it’s easy [...]

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Giving institutional reforms a chance to succeed

February 2014|admin|

In 1828 a New York senator quipped ‘to the victor belong the spoils’ in reference to the election of President Andrew Jackson. At the inauguration of the President, his Vermont supporters expected their share of the spoils, which resulted in an unprecedented number of public officials being removed from post to make way for Jackson’s [...]

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The service delivery agenda: beware, there be doughnuts!

January 2014|admin|

Service delivery is the name of the game in development today. We’ve read a lot about the great changes brought by, say, the rise of governance as a development issue, the shift from ’getting the policies right in order to facilitate growth’ to eliminating poverty, the World Bank’s dream since 1990. Thinking about how to [...]

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Podcast: tim williamson on budget transparency in uganda

August 2013|admin|

The donor community has made a bit of a mistake in the way it has approached budget transparency. It’s often solely through supporting civil society and not actually working with ministries of finance…the whole Uganda exercise is built on the idea of a partnership between government and civil society.” The Ugandan Ministry of Finance recently [...]

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Podcast: matt andrews on the limits of institutional reform

August 2013|admin|

Matt Andrews, governance expert and Associate Professor at Harvard's Kennedy School, sat down with ODI's Ryan Flynn to talk about his new book - The Limits of Institutional Reform in Development. Matt critiques the international community's approach to institutional reform in developing countries, arguing that it is often short-termist and ill-suited to local contexts. He [...]

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