Project Description

BSI activities consist of a combination of strategic advice, technical support and capacity development, supported by peer-to-peer learning to promote the sharing of experience between the transitional and fragile states it operates in (DRC, South Sudan, Liberia, Uganda, and the g7+ group). This hands-on technical assistance is complemented by a research programme focusing on public finances and fragile states.

In South Sudan, BSI has supported the establishment of a regular budgeting cycle, developed key instruments such as a National Budget Plan, and helped introduce a system for expenditure limits and a regular cycle of budget reporting. BSI has also introduced a process of diagnosing and resolving blockages to local service delivery that has enabled increased expenditure by Government and international donors on service delivery.

In Liberia, BSI has supported improvements in the budgeting system and process through the introduction of a Medium Term Expenditure Framework, a new budget process, including a reclassified budget structure, a new chart of accounts and more effective sector budgeting. On aid management, BSI has introduced a